The demand for non-invasive “medical” spas is driving the market.  A research report from Global Industry Analysts, Inc., projects that in the future, nonsurgical procedures that aim to remove excess body fat and reduce the signs of aging will become the leading services sought by those visiting medical spas.



Skingevity Face and Body Spa gives business owners the opportunity to have a branded name that is reputable, trusted, successful and profitable.  As baby boomers age, demand will grow for minimally or non-invasive cosmetic procedures made possible by an ever-developing generation of equipment – which is the primary stance of the Skingevity Face and Body Spa model.

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Market data estimates there are currently 2,100 U.S. medical spas that revenues reached $1.94 billion in 2012, and will hit $3.6 billion by 2016. Average revenues per facility are $924,000—with about 80% coming from procedures and 20% from retail product sales. The market is forecast to grow 18% per year. Fully 58% of med spas expected sales to grow more than 5% last year. The market is driven by laser machine technology advances, which achieve results almost as good as cosmetic surgery, but are less invasive or non-invasive. Americans spent $10 billion on cosmetic non-invasive procedures in 2011. 12 million cosmetic non-invasive procedures were performed, including Botox injections, dermal fillers, laser hair removal, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and skin rejuvenation. The aging baby boomers are fueling continued growth and security for this industry.

The ever growing popularity of spa treatments in hospitals, health clubs and resorts/hotels fueled the liking of the spa/medical combination in the early 2000s and is continuing to grow rapidly. From 1997-2002 the niche grew 143 percent. The spa concept first worked itself into dentistry about a decade ago. This is when innovative dentists seeking a competitive edge and a way to entice hesitant patients to agree to necessary dental treatments began incorporating the techniques and procedures from day and medical spas.

Several key components play a big part in any franchise opportunity. What makes Skingevity, Inc. different than any other spa franchise opportunity is, the Skingevity Team is committed to assisting your franchise from start to finish. (For example: building build out, business branding, operations manual, staff training, sales and marketing, product knowledge and training, events, promotions, sample employee handbook/regulations and etc.)


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The Skingevity corporate team provides guidance and assistance throughout your journey to business ownership.


Average investment $52,770 – $88,790.50

Includes total build – start to finish

SPA-CKAGE 1 is a one private hair suite, one face/body room. There are incidentals included in the package that allow to add or remove as needed for customization. This includes everything except for the lease (The costs will go up with more rooms. However, prices will be negotiated on cost of goods on how big the opening order with each company is)

SPA-CKAGE 2 is mini-franchise that can be implemented into an existing business. (i.e. Dental Office, Business Building, Chiropractor Office, Eye Doctor and etc.) This includes everything to get the business started except for the lease.